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Week #3 - Optimizing Your Website #MSI9W3

Posted by: Rachel Schain on Wednesday, October 27, 2010 at 12:00:00 am

Week 3, here we are.

This week is all about having an effective website.  I will admit, I was a tad cocky going into this challenge.  Look at the thing of beauty that surrounds this here blog!  It was designed by my dear friend Megan Grieves, and is supported by Phil Levine, the husband of my oldest friend in the world, Melanie Levine. 

Let's look at Ariel's requirements, shall we?

1. Add your pitch to your homepage.  Called Phil Friday, it was up in the headers Saturday Morning.  Fab.  I also added it to the first paragraph of the main page.

2. Your site must load in 3.5 seconds.  My site has always been a quick loader (thanks Meg).  Sweet.  (I may or may not have spent a good 30 minutes this morning panicked over the actual timing, which is more like 6-9 seconds, but I checked the sites of the last challenge's winners and they all have similar load times to mine.)

3.  NO Flash Intros. Yeah.  Not my style in the first place.  Especially since getting an iPhone, I'm less and less interested in Flash.

4. Have a consistent look and feel all over the Net.  This is where I spent the majority of time; messing with the colors on my Twitter, Myspace, and ReverbNation profiles so that they'd match this thing of beauty, and then changing the avatars on all the sites to be the same photo. Good thing I love Blue so much. :-D

5. Give away an exclusive, free MP3 in exchange for an email address to satisfy the "What's In It For Me" factor.  And this is where we're falling a little short at the moment.  I have Bobbi Sue up right now.  That, however, is not exclusively available on my site, it's on the EP.  No go.  What I would LOVE to put up is an MP3 of Notting Hill, but none currently exist.  SO, until we do have an MP3 of Notting Hill, I'm currently trying to enhance the audio from the video we took at the release party of Mixed Signals.  The EP version is all acoustic guitar and vocals, very stripped down.  The live version is the way I want to make it eventually - full band, with guitar solos right out of the Blues Traveler playbook.  The quality needs a little work, though, so this part is still in progress.

6.  Make it clear and set them at ease.  Updated paragraph at the top of the main page to include a bit of reassurance that Spam ain't my thing.  I'm Jewish, after all, and it just isn't Kosher.  Well, unless we're talking about Monty Python.  Then I will have the Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Baked Beans & Spam. 

EXTRA CREDIT (I'm adding this bit myself) Make it easily accessible.  I know Ariel is a big believer in the yourname.com domains and she's completely right, but I think this is a nice little addition in my personal case.  I went to BIMAFest in August.  They had a fantastically informative day of panels on Saturday, and it was so worth the time.  I got a lot of great one-on-one attention, and therefore Rockstar, Bitch came up in conversation a fair amount, as it is just wont to do.  One of the speakers asked me if it had a comma in the title, which put me on my "I'm not the bitch, HE'S the Bitch" wagon.  Everyone got a kick out of that, but they suggested that since everyone's really picking up on the idea of me as the "Rockstar Bitch" that I should just run with it.  Make t-shirts with pink glitter and the whole 9.  They're totally right.  So in the car on the way home I was telling my husband, Adam, about it and he said "You know, we should see if Rockstarbitch.com is available."  It was, quite possibly, one of his best ideas ever.  First of all, how are you ever going to forget Rockstarbitch.com?  Besides, I play Rockstar, Bitch last for almost every single set - it's the last thing people hear from me on the night.  So now, if you are so inclined, go to Rockstarbitch.com and you will see that it brings you to my RachelSchain.com homepage.  Rachel Schain is my name, it's as easy to post as can be, but it's not that easy to spell for some people, and after a few beers, who's going to remember my name?  Ahh, but they WILL remember Rockstar Bitch (they always do).  As soon as I start singing it, I can see people's brains click into "OH THIS GIRL!" recognition.

Next week's entry, which I'll start a LOT sooner than previous weeks, is all about effective Social Media usage. 

Updates for this go around:

I will be making 2 new songs available for download in the  next few weeks - Notting Hill and Unconventially Yours.  So a better bribe is on the way.

Emailing Phil to change my header to the new pitch shortly.

Site still runs nice and quick, so all is good as far as I can see!


Wow. You are just a pro at this, aren't you?
Posted by: Sheri on September 29, 2010 at 5:28:20 pm

You've got it all sewn up this week! Nice work. Didn't you and I talk about Rockstar, Bitch t-shirts at some point? Maybe it was just me thinking it when I first started listening to the song... Anyway, I'm all over that idea, especially if there's going to be glitter! I like it much better than any of the Paracadute/Paracadet ideas, OK Go shirts or the various recent T-shirt ideas I've had (but let's not mention that!).
Posted by: Christel on September 1, 2010 at 12:16:52 am

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