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Happy Happy August!

Posted by: Rachel Schain on Tuesday, August 2, 2011 at 11:55:38 am

Dearest Frands,
Weíve reached a pivotal point on the calendar; the beginning of my Birthday Month. A time to reflect over the last year and see how far youíve come. OK, well, maybe not for everyone. But Iím sure gonna do it. And comparing where things were a year ago versus where they are now, itís just plain amazing what has changed.
Last year we were in the final weeks of preparation for the release of my EP, Happy Happy. Since then, Iíve been nominated for FOUR WSTW Hometown Heroes Awards, and I was named Favorite Musician (Upstate) in the Delaware Today Magazine Best of Delaware reader poll. Iíve extended my playing area to New York and Chicago. And this past Friday I PACKED the upstairs portion of the World Cafť Live at The Queen for a lunchtime show. People were turned away at the doors because they were at capacity.  You can go look at a few videos on my YouTube page.
None of these things could have been accomplished without your support. I want to extend a great big hearty thank you to all of you.
So whatís next? Big Things, Folks. BIG.
First and foremost I have added Brian Nowak to the lineup as my brand new guitarist. Guys, if you havenít seen me play with Brian, you need to come see us. Itís a whole new level of awesome. Here are the dates during which you can see us:
8/6: ATLANTIC CITY, NJ Ė Elephant Talk Music Festival
Guys, this is a FREE 3-day music festival featuring artists from all over the East Coast. If you can make it at any point during the weekend, I highly recommend it. The Festival runs from Friday through Sunday, and my set is Saturday at 5pm outside The Boneyard.
8/18: WILMINGTON, DE Ė My Local Birthday Party at Gallucioís!
Do you like Pizza?  Do you like Me? Great! Come to my birthday party at Gallucioís! Weíre going from 6-8 on the back patio.
8/21: BROOKLYN, NY Ė My NYC Birthday Party at Spike Hill!
I donít want my NYC friends and family to feel left out, so Iím having TWO birthday parties! Come out and celebrate with me in Williamsburg, right outside the Bedford Ave. stop on the L. Itís a Sunday, yeah, but my set is at 6 pm so you have plenty of time to get home and go to bed after.
And thatís just THIS month, folks. Philadelphia, Iím coming for you in September with THREE shows! Iíve got a benefit for my Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Light the Night team on 9/18 at The Legendary Dobbs on South Street, and Iíll be part of two tribute shows as well. And hereís a big announcement:
9/10: WATERBURY, CT Ė This Connecticut Yankee Returns!
Guys, I love Delaware, I really do. But I miss my home state pretty bad sometimes, and I know you miss me too. So Iíve been trying to come home. It goes down on September 10th at the Freight Street Gallery in Waterbury. Weíll keep you posted on the details. Mark your calendars in the meantime.
Iíve rambled enough for one blog. Love you all, and I canít wait to see you at a show!


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